Destroy Twitter?

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What kind of name is that for a helper app? Hmm, let’s take a look at this new Adobe Air app for Twitter. Because it’s an Air app, it runs on multiple platforms and outside the browser, freeing up your browser for other work. The UI looks a lot like TweetDeck in layout. You can choose from three different “canvases” displayed in columns:

  • Home, Replies and (Direct) Messages
  • Search, Saved (Favorites), and Sent
  • Preferences, Account, People


Each pane is pretty much self explanatory for most Twitter users, even though they’ve given them slightly different names.. The account pane shows your profile information and the people pane shows user information when you click on an avatar, similarly to Tweetdeck. Unlike Tweetdeck you can’t create custom columns for groups, probably the most important feature in TweetDeck in my book.

The preferences pane is where the best features are. You can fine-tune your preferences to open the app at start-up, manage the size of the workspace and how many tweets you want to show at once, or make the font size larger (essential for me, the font when it first launches is unbelievably small). In these days of limkited API calls to Twitter, you can set how often you want DestroyTwitter to ping Twitter for new Tweets and you can set different rates for search and messages, so you can ration your 100 calls to the API per hour based on how you use Twitter. Like the new release of TweetDeck, you can also see how many calls to the API you’ve made, and if you’ve gone over limit, when you’ll be able to call again.

All in all it’s a slick app with some thoughtful features and a very web two oh design. Will DestroyTwitter replace Tweetdeck on my desktop? Not yet. It won’t replace Twhirl either. At least not until it adds a multi-account feature anyway. That said, not bad for an app that was realeased with only “ten days of design and development”. Wow. Look for interesting things from this team.

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