Crowdfunding works for nonprofits who “get it” – Janet Fouts

Crowdfunding works for nonprofits who “get it”

crowdfunding for nonprofitsPretty much everybody understands the concept of crowdfunding, a bunch of people get together around a great idea, share it with the world and they get rich right?

Yeah, not exactly. You’ve got to have a solid plan and hopefully either a large social network or access to people who have large and engaged networks to help you. Crowdfunding is definitely easier if you’re already in a social business mindset.

According to this infographic from CraigConnects, the difference between one individual raising money on a crowdfunding site and that of an organized campaign is significant. If you’re in charge of your nonprofit’s fund drive, check out the best practices from some of the best in the business. and then get to work.

Thanks Craig!

Crowdfunding infographic



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Thanks for sharing this Janet. Appreciate it.

Joseph Hogue

This is a great infographic! I agree, it’s so much more. People invest on projects that they deem worthwhile. Thanks for sharing!


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