Can You Grant a Social Media Birthday Wish?

Phot of Beth and her adopted kids

Photo of Beth and her adopted kids

Today is Beth Kanter’s 53rd birthday, and her one wish for her birthday is this. She wants 53 of her loyal friends and followers to help raise money for some Cambodian kids. I think it’s actually the third year in a row she’s done this, and she’s never been shy to use a presentation or a post to move her audience to action for change. Over the years she’s been responsible for thousands of dollars going to the Sharing Foundation. On her birthday she’ll also be teaching as part of P.O.S.T. –Power of Social Technology, a Stanford graduate course on social good and asking the students to participate, so watch for their tweets today with the hashtag #Beth53! and re-tweet or share them.

This year she’s already raised considerably more than her target goal, and it’s a testament to both those of us who appreciate all of the many things Beth does for non-profits pitched in whatever we could, as well as how she understands how to put her social media networks to work.

For those of you who might not know who Beth Kanter is, it’s a good bet you’re not a non-profit, or if you are, you haven’t been participating in social media for very long. Beth has been offering her seminars, presentations and hands on knowledge of social media across the country and on-line through leading edge sites like the Nonprofit Technology Network, and she’s working on a new book for Wiley with Allison Fine tentatively called “The Networked Nonprofit“.

I’ve met Beth and her family and we run into each other at conferences occasionally, but I really feel I know her from her social media posts. She’s a no-bull get down to business kind of woman who offers up real useful information that organizations can put right to work. Want to get to know more about her? Follow some of the links above, go read her blog, her resource wiki, or follow her on Twitter. I’m sure it won’t be long before you have as much respect for her as we all do.

Want to participate in Beth’s birthday wish? Click the link to send this tweet to Twitter. Happy birthday #beth53! Let’s send 53 Cambodian kids to school: