Building an Effective Social Media Strategy

Title: Building an Effective Social Media Strategy
Location: Cubes and Crayons
Link out: Click here
Description: Social media Have you started delving into social media only to find yourself mired down in profiles and noise? Or you’re just beginning to explore social media but you don’t know where to start? Either way, an effective strategy to engage in social media without taking every spare second of your time can make a huge difference in how successful you are.
Join us for a brown bag talk and lots of of networking and learning.
Start Time: 12 PM
Date: 2009-04-08

  • Is this in Mountain view ?

    We've developed a solution (used for IBM and Chanel) for social media marketing that put strategy and positioning first and I would be very interested to participate. Than

  • Yes, I'm presenting at Cubes and Crayons, a shared work space. You might want to speak with Felicity there. Here's a link to their contact info.

  • dominic Send me a tweet at or email at to sign up.