Building a Facebook Page (part 2)

Now if you followed the directions to build your own Facebook page in part 1, you’re ready to dress your new Facebook page up a bit. Again, I’m assuming you have some familiarity with Facebook already, but even if you don’t, you should be able to log in and follow along. Since the re-design, Facebook pages operate even more like a profile, so it should look pretty familiar. A couple of additional items on pages are quite useful.

There are exactly 6 bizillion and 3 apps for Facebook pages. What you want to put up depends entirely on what you are interested in. Do some searches for things you’re interested in and scan the apps to see what’s there. I know you’ll find something. Apps are a good way to add content, but even more important, to give your fans a way to bond with you more deeply. If they use the same apps as you do you’re already sharing, and new content gets added to your page without you having to come up with everything on your own.

One caveat about apps. Think before you install. Does this app reflect the nature and corporate culture of your business or your personal goals? Is there any possibility the app could offend the people you want to connect to? No? Cool. go for it.

Custom apps
If you have the skills or the funds, this is a good place to spend some of that money you saved. Create custom apps like games and dynamic content that will set you apart form everybody else and draw people to your page.

Custom Tabs
Probably one of the most exciting things in the new Facebook design is the ability to create custom tabs and link directly into them instead of the default. This means you can direct people to specific promotions, events or ads you want them to see right when they reach the page. Handled carefully these inbound links can convert a lot of new visitors to fans and friends quickly. Why dump all your users into a page full of updates when you can direct them to specific information that interests them? This is particularly useful if you’re running a promotion or an ad. Just link the ad to a tab until it’s no longer needed and then delete it.

Content content, content
It’s really great that the news feed feature is now pretty close to real time and you can bring in feeds to add to your content, but don’t stop there. Add unique content your users can only find here. Post Q&A sessions, video, games or other content that will be it’s own draw to your page. If all of your content comes from your friendfeed stream, why wouldn’t they just go there instead?

Don’t dump it all up there at once. Portion out a few nice tidbits at a time. This will make it easier for your friends to absorb all the great content and let you pace yourself a little.

Events are a great way to reach out to your friends and extended network and grow your fan base. Post your events on your page and let people RSVP and invite their friends right on Facebook.

Post videos and photos and tag other users in them. If you host an event post the pictures for everybody to share with their friends. This is a great way to reach out of your own network through the networks of the friends tagged in the pictures or videos.

If more than one person will be adding information on a regular basis, you have the option of adding them as an admin. Click “Add Admins” and select a friend to help with the page. (The person must be a Facebook friend already, or you can friend them and do this step later). The person will get a notification in their in-box and will have to accept it to become an admin on your page.

Suggest to Friends
Suggest your new page to your friends to help you spread the word. It’s a good idea to get your content into the page before you start sharing it with your friends and advertising it, so I usually wait to publish the page until I think it’s got enough content to be interesting.

Profile it
Now that you’ve got a spiffy page with amazing content and fans are starting to see it, make sure you tell people about it beyond your friend network on Facebook. Put it in your e-mail signature, in your personal profiles on other networks. Add a link on your website and

Become your own best fan
It’s a good idea to be your own fan, but again, wait until you’re ready to show it off to the world before you fan your page. Then tell all your friends and invite them to your new page!


Sooooo you did all the work, you faithfully upload content on a regular basis, but where are the cheering hordes? You may have to give it a little time. Facebook popularity can be an amazingly quixotic thing. No one really knows what’s going to flash and what isn’t. If you’ve got good content and you make the page something people will find fun and useful and share with each other, you’ll see your fanbase grow. Give it a chance.

If all else fails
Think about running an ad on FaceBook or even Google to show the page off outside of your network. Ask for opinions on the page from people who aren’t going to gloss over the bad bits and act on that feedback.