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Bloggers you should read…too

While I write here about social media (hellooo I’m a social media coach!) I read a lot of blogs on other topics of interest too and Danny Brown recently posted a challenge on his blog to share some blogs  we read who aren’t the usual suspects. So, some of these are frequent commenters on my blog, Facebook or Twitter and some are just favorites I go to for inspiration.

As for you, why not take a few minutes to recognize the commenters and bloggers who enrich your life? Here’s a link to Danny’s 7 day challenge. Give it a spin!

Note: Not one of these blogs are about social media (Though they are great examples of social media at work). I left you guys out on purpose. I WILL however make it a habit of spreading the love more ‘cuz there are some great bloggers who don’t get nearly the credit they deserve.

Youth Radio
What these “kids” are doing is empowering and incredibly moving. See what the world looks like through the eyes of the next generation. Smart, thoughtful, often humorous and frequently a lot smarter than many adults…

Farm Tales
My days working on farms are over and when I get all misty eyed thinking about having my horse in the back yard and some chickens for eggs I can just read this blog for a dose of reality and vicariously enjoy the farm. Sometimes I just laugh so hard I think it might all be worth it after all.

CJ Brasiel
OK, I’m biased but I think she’s one of the most thoughtful  Realtors covering the Silicon Valley area. Her posts tell it like it is and help you learn more about the business of real estate and buying or selling a home in the bay area. I trust that what she says is the real deal.

Pink Bunny Ears
Writes about everything from wine, cycling and dog rescue to some truly inspired rants about the law, finance and real estate. She never fails to make me laugh or cry and I never really know which it’s going to be.

So now it’s your turn. What bloggers do you read off the beaten path?

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Danny Brown

Hey there Janet,

Thanks for running your take on it here, and really appreciate you jumping in with your recommendations. Looking forward to checking them out 🙂


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