Blog World Expo 2009

What was the best part about Blog World 09?
It could be meeting all kinds of bloggers in different areas of interest I didn’t know about and discovering their blogs, but it’s also meeting many of my on-line friends and heroes face to face for a change. When you meet somebody you’ve been tweeting with–or you’ve followed their blog for ages–you get to feel you know them. A lot of the small talk of who you are, who they are and what they believe in is already done, so you feel like old friends even though you’ve never actually met. I re-connected and connected anew with a lot of people and it felt good to get some face to face discussion for a change.

It was fun too to compare gadgets people were hauling around just to do all those videos and blogs. This video is from Jennifer Kushell and (FYI I did almost everything on my iPhone but I still hauled around a Flip Video camera, a laptop and my handy-dandy  charger for the iPhone!).

I was in the WebGrrls booth on Friday with New York Webgrrl Nellie Yusupova. It was a great place to meet  of interesting people and connect on a one on one level, hear about what they were doing, their impressions of the speakers and the event itself as well. I went to quite a few sessions too and overall I think there was a good range of interests and levels of expertise represented, and it was easy to switch channels from one area of interest to the other.

Tracks included sports, Non-profit, Moms, Medical, Real Estate and of course, social media, but there was a lot of crossover. In the Real Estate track I learned about a very nifty App called Sweetcron that I can’t wait to dig into. It’s a self-hosted life-stream aggregator and Reggie Nicolay from Cyberhomes walked us through installing, skinning and some good use cases. I know I can find a few uses for this!

Listening to Jeremiah Owyang’s keynote on what the future might hold didn’t really break any news to those of us deep in social media, but this crowd was pretty mixed. A lot of people have been blogging but not really gotten deep into social media and it was news to them. The #MotrinMoms saga–as hackneyed as it is–came up in at least 3 presentations and was heavily tweeted and blogged about. I did really like how he pointed out the Volkswagon Ad (cleverly disguised as a Facebook page) “Meet the Volkswagons” that “uses the power of your profile” to find you the perfect car. Apparently Max and Bus were pretty far off in their analysis and we won’t be seeing Jeremiah in a VW bug in the near future. He was spot on pointing out what a missed opportunity to tap into his friends list and have them do the recommending.

A general thread ran through the conference from keynotes to discussions in the hallways and parties and that was; it’s time to stop just talking about social media and DO something! As Chris Brogan said in his keynote “The salad days are over” and it’s time to really get to work.

If you need a hand to understand the tools or how to get started in a particular network, check out the Social Media Coaching Center. It’s a great place to learn how to use this stuff and get to work!

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