What's your Blog to Tweet Ratio?

How many times a day do you post a link to a blog you’ve been reading to Twitter or FriendFeed, Stumble, Tumblr, Digg or email it to somebody, and then forget to share it on your blog? If you’re like me, probably quite often. In a coaching call this morning I heard myself say that it’s important to link to other bloggers from your blog and to keep the conversation wheel turning, and to my dismay I see that I don’t do that nearly enough on this blog. For shame.

So here are some excellent posts I’ve shared by email or tweets recently. Go read them and add your own voice.

Twitter: Mastering the Conversation by Adam Jackson

The Monster that Web 2.0 Created by Rich Jacobson

It’s Time to Transform by Peter Kim

Walmart Turns the Corner by Jerimiah Owyang

Daniela by the Numbers by Warren Sukernek