Blame Drew's Cancer

Blame Drew's Cancer - Blow off Steam on Twitter... for Charity!

Creative marketing and Twitter seem to go hand in hand and Blame Drew’s Cancer is an interesting example. On May 20th, 2009, Drew Olanoff was diagnosed with  Hodgkins Lymphoma. According to his website, he’s blamed everything that ever went wrong since then on his cancer. Losing his keys, misplacing his wallet, Twitter being slow, the Phillies losing, etc.

Now Drew’s not just your ordinary person. He’s an online community director for gogii, he’s an active Twitterer, He’s a geek, he famously funny, and he is using his skills to raise money for the American Cancer Society and the Make a Wish Foundation. The goal of the site is to find sponsors who will donate for each person who blames their own woes on Drew’s Cancer. Every Tweet with the Hashtag #BlameDrewsCancer shows up on his homepage in a nifty site built by the team at 9astronauts.

So, what are you waiting for. Blame your bad day, your fender bender, the lack of diet cola in the office fridge on Drew’s Cancer and use the Hashtag #BlameDrewsCancer. While you’re at it, if you know of a potential sponor pitch them an excellent opportunity to help fight Cancer and sponsor!

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