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Bite Sized Social Media for Nonprofits

February 23, 2010

I’m working on a new project and if you work with nonprofits and social media I’m asking for your help.

I was talking with my wonderful publisher Mitchell Levy about how much I like working with nonprofits and the challenges nonprofits face in getting on board with social media and understanding how it all comes together–much less getting their management on board. Nonprofits can benefit so much from this stuff, but adoption and a real understanding of what to do can be a challenge.

Being a publisher, Mitchell thought I should write a book and he’s right. But I’m not the only person who knows how to help so I am reaching out to people who live and breathe this stuff too. The amazing and wonderful Beth Kanter stepped up to help, as did Geoff Livingston and Holly Ross. We put our heads together and came up with a plan.

If you work with a nonprofit and social media lend your own knowledge to the book. It’s going to be written as a crowd-sourced effort by all of us.

The idea is blindingly simple. Answer 1 or all of the following 10 questions. Each answer must be in 140 characters or less. Email them to me with your Twitter address and a subject line reading “My Contribution to Nonprofit Tweet!“. Please note that we can’t include URL’s and sales pitches aren’t appropriate. Just good useful and actionable information please.

We will pull together all of the “Tweets” and publish 140 of the best in the book.
(working title is: Social Media  for Nonprofits Tweet:140 bite sized ideas to engage in social media for nonprofits)

Note* Because of the number of tweets people are sending quotes are not connected to names. All quotes will be anonymous, but  contributors get a thank you in the book with their name and twitter handle, thank you’s on my blog and through Twitter,  a copy of the ebook and the thanks of all the nonprofits who benefit from your experience.

We’ll be giving away copies at the upcoming Nonprofit Technology Conference in April as well as offering it for sale online.

Here are the 10 Questions:

  • What can social media do for my organization?
  • How can I convince the nay sayers that this is worth our time?
  • How do we measure social media engagement?
  • Twitter best practices
  • Facebook best practices
  • Forums and groups
  • Managing volunteers
  • Creating evangelists
  • Fundraising
  • Social media efficiency

If your answers are used in the book you’ll be listed as a contributor and have bragging rights to say you’ve made a difference!

Now here’s the kicker.

Friday February 26th is the last day we can accept submissions. So don’t waste a minute. Put on your thinking cap and come up with some Tweets. Then email them to nonprofittweet@janetfouts.com by Friday the 26th.I’ll email you back to let you know if your contribution is in the book and when it’s published and available on Amazon.

How else can you help? Spread the word. Tweet a message with the hashtags #10ntc #nptech to let people know. This is a crazy short deadline but I know we can do it with your help.

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  1. Thanks Abbey! I hope it does lend some inspiration about social media for people who can't go this year. NTC was amazing last year and I wouldn't miss it!

  2. Thanks Abbey! I hope it does lend some inspiration about social media for people who can't go this year. NTC was amazing last year and I wouldn't miss it!

  3. Janet and Beth this is a fantastic idea. I wish I'd thought of it first! I'll email you my thoughts and link to it in Twitter too. I can't go to the NTEN conf this year and this makes me feel a teeny bit like I'll get something from it anyway.

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