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Bing and Instagram – How will they affect Klout scores?

March 29, 2013

Klout recently announced the addition of Instagram interaction and Bing searches to their algorithm. While I don’t take Klout scores as the be-all end-all of social value, it’s still a useful metrics tool when evaluating how much an individual or a brand engages with the rest of the world.

I see that my Klout score did jump a bit when they made this change, though Bing is not showing up yet in my score. Actually I use Bing very rarely, I prefer Google, even after I took the Bing Challenge. Even though Bing now offers Bing rewards, I still prefer Google.

But this post isn’t about Bing. It’s about Klout’s new additions. Does it make the ranking site more relevant? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. In the meantime I did a short video on Klout’s analytics. Has your score been impacted? Tell me how, and if you think it matters. Think your stats on Klout are incorrect? There’s a tip in the video to correct that.

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