Ben and Jerry's Put the Social Back in Social Media

<img src=”” alt=” Ben and Jerry’s” align=”left”/><p>Ben and Jerry’s put the social in social media</p>

Today is Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day, and to celebrate it I’d like to celebrate Ben and Jerry’s for being the progressive and social company they are. What’s more social than an ice cream social? Let’s face, ice cream is the foundation of social media today and it goes waay back before the internets.

Ben and Jerry’s as a company was into word of mouth marketing and social responsiblility before it was the cool thingfor corporations to do. They started tthe ben and jerry’s foundation in 1985 which donates just over a million dollars each year to worthy organizations and this list of grants is pretty impressive. They also do an annual report on the company’s environmental impact and what they’re doing for the environment.

But what are they doing in social media today? Well, for one I bet your favorite flavor has a Twitter profile. (mine is Cherry GarciaI think it likely that Obama’s is Yes Pecan!). There’s also a Facebook page, and you can log into the flavors section of their website using FaceBook connect, choose your favorite flavor and save it to your profile.

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