Backtype- keep track of your comments

You know how sometimes you write a comment on a post and then lose track of just which blog it was on? Backtype gives you a way to track comments you’ve made on blogs or websites collected in one place for easy review along with a profile so people can easily identify who you are.

When you comment on a site the comments are attributed to you and available on your backtype page. BackType can send you an alert when a new comment is added by email or you can monitor an RSS feed of all your comments.

You can set BackType to post your comments to Twitter or FriendFeed or even share them in a widget on your site as well.

BackType also allows you to search other people’s comments for strings or keywords and create alerts that update you daily or weekly with new comments with those keywords. This can be an interesting way to find new discussions. Sometimes the real meat of the conversation is in the comments and not the blog post. Here’s a way to see those too and keep on top of what’s being said about your area of interest.

Want to see what it looks like? Check out my BackType page, then sign-up and get started.