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Average Time On Social Media, Are You Using It Wisely? #Infographic

Mindful Use of Your Social Media TimeCan you imagine you could spend 5 years of your lifetime on social media? Yes, it’s likely you can. According to the infographic below we spend more time on social media than we do eating (Maybe that’s a good thing). Of course this is consumer focused, but it still takes into account the time we spend marketing and “working” too. After all, we are all consumers.

Taking a more mindful approach to how we use social media, and the amount of time we spend on it just makes sense doesn’t it?
What is the quality of the time your spending?
What is the quality of interaction you have when on social media?
How much time is too much, and who decides?

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your social media time.

Brands making noise for the sake of noise.

It’s common to see a brand on social networks producing piles of posts, apparently just to hear themselves talk, or to fill enough space to raise their visibility. They’re bringing the same old mindless tactics, “yell and sell”, to the wrong party. If that’s what you want to do, get a billboard next to a bullet train track and call it a day. It’s not being social, that requires actual conversation, it’s being LOUD. Is that the intention you’ve set for your marketing message?

Social listening
More important than posting on social media, taking an active approach to listening is crucial to a business.  Finding out what language your customer uses so you can speak with them in a tone they recognize. Listen for problems you can solve, mentions of your product, brand or competition. Use that information to inform your marketing efforts.

Different strokes for different folks
The infographic shows how much time users spend on each network on average, but understand that there are factors here that you may not be thinking of. We don’t have to be everywhere, so how can we best make use of our time? What platforms are the best fit for our goals?

Each platform fills a different need
It’s obvious that people would spend more time on YouTube because videos take time to absorb. It is one of the best platforms for how-to videos, so people get absorbed in learning how to fix that leaky pipe, etc.

As video is becoming more important across social media we are seeing longer time on site.  And don’t forget, you see one video and suggested videos come up on YouTube and Facebook to further suck you in.

Each platform is used differently
All platforms have differences, and some of them may not be a good fit for your message, your market, or your brand persona. Think about your resources (Time, staffing, creatives, messaging and funds) before you hit them all.

Instagram and Twitter are used primarily on mobile. You see a reply to a Tweet, you pick up your phone, respond and leave. You find a link to something great and you share it, poke around a bit and leave. That is simply how Twitter works for most people.

On Instagram you share that selfie and go back to what you were doing. Then later, you scan your friends stories and photos for a few minutes and then leave.

Snapchat and Instagram incorporate video well too, although in much smaller bites of time, and it’s common to get lost in watching the stories people create.

Bottom line?
These stats work across the board if you are casting a very wide net, but it’s crucial you select networks that work for you and your market. Everyone has their favorites, so be mindful of how you choose and set the intentions for your marketing team to reach real people and engage, rather than shout across all platforms and hope for the best.

How Much Time Is Spent On Social Media Infographic
Courtesy of: Mediakix.com
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