Are you on youare yet?

“Oh no, not another Twitter clone”, was my first reaction to  micro-blog youare. I’ve signed up for quite a few of these site already, and I always seem to end up back with Twitter as my main-stay. But what the heck, I have to at least look right??

At first glance youare looks like a Twitter clone, but it’s got some added features that give it more oomph. It lets you interact on a deeper level through additional information.

  • Like Linkedin you can add a resume, and educational background.
  • When you add your work history youare links to co-workers who have filled out the same company in their profiles.
  • Add your content from YouTube and Flickr or your Delicious bookmarks via an RSS feed.
  • Like Tumblr, link to video or images to your posts with a couple of clicks, unlike Twitter where you can do these things through supporting apps.
  • Youare has it’s own built-in link shortener micURL to shorten those long URL’s, and micURL has the added bonus of a Firefox plug-in that adds itself to the list of search engines in your browser. Paste in a URL and you get a shortened URL to post. ( )and it even checks to make sure the link works.
  • Add your favorite music playlists from Spotify, a beta music service that looks pretty cool itself.

All in all, youare looks to be a step up from Twitter in many ways, but will it go the distance?
Not unless it gets  buy-in from major users of Twitter, and that has been a very hard thing for other micro-blog services like Plurk,, and Jaiku. Each of these have their place, and really prospered back when the “fail whale” was seen on Twitter on a regular basis. At the moment there don’t seem to be a lot of Twitterati on youare. Will the expanded features lure them away or will they cross post? Time will tell. Interested in giving it a spin? Follow me there and let’s see what happens!

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Alex Tramonto

Janet, I can see the features add a lot of value, but how can I possibly deal with another micro-blog? Twitter is almost a full time job these days and I totally quit Plurk. Do you really think it will be worth it to join YouAre?

Gabriel Segura

Thanks for your post, Janet!


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