Amplify- a new way to comment

I read a lot of blogs and I confess I often post my thoughts to Twitter rather than commenting on the blog. Unless I’ve got a LOT to say and then I’ll write a post of my own and link back to the blog that got me thinking. To me, the important thing is to share the post with my friends and talk about it and commenting on the blog sorta limits the reach unless i comment and then link to the post and share it with my networks. Ugh, too many steps.

 I’ve been playing with a new service that just may change all that. It’s called Amplify, and here’s the thing that makes it cool. Set up an account and then get the Firefox extension. Browse your favorite blog, click the Amplify button in the browser and you can clip specific paragraphs, images or sections of the post you’re reading and file it on your “clog” (short for “cliplog”) at Amplify with your comments. You can even clip straight out of Google Reader or Bloglines. Here’s mine so far, but look for more content, I can see using this a lot.

Here’s the beautiful part. Amplify syncs with your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook and even delicious. As soon as you post it sends out to the networks you select and posts a link there too. Simple as that. Now your friends have a link to discuss the post or to go directly to the post on the original blog and add their comments there. This takes sharing links on Twitter to new heights.

Amplify lets you create groups too, with it’s own URL, like so as users naturally gather to read posts they can share across groups on the site too.

I’ve got a couple of beta invites for this left, so Tweet me on Twitter if you’re interested and I’ll pass them along, or you can sign-up for the beta by following @amplifytheweb and when they are available they’ll get you a beta invite.