Am I participating in the SOPA strike? You betcha!

stop sopaOn January 18 websites all over the net will go dark from 8AM to 8 PM, and this will be one of them. Why? Well for one, because I still can. One of the most powerful things about the internet is that it is largely not controlled by government. Sure, I’m against piracy, but not if it means DNS filtering that could actually penalize lawful businesses. Not if it means messing with the Domain Name System and push users towards unreliable, less secure DNS servers just to avoid frivolous lawsuits, block “suspicions Foreign websites”, and squash the entrepreneurial spirit of the internet. Especially not if it gives companies who get your site taken down because of supposed IP violations without due process and even if you can later get it re-instated you have no recourse.

Want to know more about SOPA and PIPA?

I’m giving you two perspectives. Now go decide on your own, because that’s the best thing about the internet, you get to gather your own data and make your own choices. Isn’t it grand?