Adding private notes to Linkedin profiles


LinkedIn has removed this feature and you can now only add notes if you use their Sales Navigator product. I did manage to find a couple of work around products though, in case you don’t want to sprint for Navigator. One option is DuxSoup, a Google Chrome extension. The extension allows you to add notes on profiles and then export those notes via a CSV file. It also has some automation rules, some I’m not so fond of (like automatically endorsing skills when visiting a profile!), but others are good, and I leave it to you to make smart decisions about how you manage your usage.

(archived post below)

It’s funny how social media sites seem to move in waves. Lately I’ve been doing more speaking and presentations on social media, and going to lots of conferences, which has led to a huge swell in Linkedin invites. So I’ve been spending a lot of time on the site and learning some new tricks. I’ll share a few more as I find them, but this one spurred a bunch of questions when I posted it to Twitter, so here’s a screen-shot. Basically Facebook allows you to add comments that are private (seen only to you) on the profiles of your first level contacts.


What’s the big deal?
When you’ve got a lot of connections on Linkedin it’s nice to keep tabs on who’s doing what, where you met, links to blogs, questions or answers on the site itself. what you talked about etc. Lacking a decent CRM, you can make notes on the profiles of your connections to keep on top of it. Then you can download the connections and the notes as a CSV and import into your CRM database.

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  • Updated March 16, 2017