A new spin on Twine

Twine is a social bookmarking site that allows you to save your bookmarks, then group them in a way that makes sense to you and let your friends discuss them. There’s been a lot of marketing buzz about Twine taking over the bookmarking space, but frankly I signed up a while back and didn’t really get too excited. With the re-design I decided to take another look.

So what’s new? Hmm, first there seem to be more ads, but at least they are contextually based so that might be useful. At least I’ll see ads related to what I’m thinking about and hey, everybody has to have a revenue model right? And to go along with that the recommendations seem to be improved so they are a closer match. Then there are substantial changes to the UI.

Site Comparison of twine.com (rank #1,393), delicious.com (#980), mixx.com (#1,709) | Compete

A quick look at Compete stats shows there’s been a lot of growth in the site, and it’s passed up Mixx, but it’s still got a ways to go to make Delicious nervous. The news reader view is sort of Google Reader like, with a much easier way to quickly scan titles and graphics for something that grabs you, and the ability to quickly filter results by content types. This is pretty cool if you’re researching something. You can quickly assemble a Twine about your subject and either make it private or share it with the rest of your team or the world.

While I was writing this post the site was up and down quite a lot, and then I saw a post in the forums that they’ve rolled back some features due to stability issues. Maybe they pushed the release a little hard, but overall I like the new Twine. I’m going to give it a spin on the next couple of projects and see how it goes.

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