A little help over here?

Birthday cakeI don’t post here very often on topics not related to social business but hey, it’s my birthday on Saturday and it’s MY blog, and today is #EndHIVThursday, so bear with me for a minute or two OK?

I think it’s the responsibility of all of us to give back to the universe, and yes, I’m asking for your help now.

Last year my partner rode over 500 miles on her bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the annual AIDS Lifecycle ride, and for her it was a life-changing event. I tagged along for parts of it, and heard some amazing stories of this community of men and women, straight, gay and all colors of the rainbow who mass together to show their desire to make a difference. It is nearly impossible today to not have been affected in some way by this HIV/AIDS. People who live with this disease in their lives are just like us, and they need our help.

This year we are going together. No, I’m not riding a bike. Instead I’m going to do something I’m good at, I’ll be in the kitchen working with the culinary crew to serve up breakfast and dinner to the over 2,000 riders. So I’m asking my friends (that’s you) to help me out a little here. I’m fundraising to find an end to this terrible disease as well as to support the many agencies that advocate about prevention and supply services to those who are in desperate need.

Can you help a little? Donate what you can to the AIDS Lifecycle ride and support all of us. You don’t have to give a lot, give what you can. It’s tax deductible and every bit makes a difference in the lives of people just like you. Here’s my page. C’ mon. Click the link. By the way, my company, Tatu Digital Media is matching donations up to $500 today. So do it now.

Thank you!

Image credit-Theresa Thompson via photopin cc

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