9 Ways to be more visible in social media

So you built a new blog, set up a Facebook page and started tweeting and STILL you’ve got virtually no friends? You’re not alone. It used to be that a tweet would be noticed by your friends and shared fairly quickly. That was before there were 90 million tweets per day and 60 million Facebook status updates a day.

Nowadays I’d say the shelf-life of a tweet is more like 2 minutes. Sure, there may be a half life if somebody sees it and re-tweets it or links to it in a blog post or another network. You might see it re-surface now and then and bring you some more Twitter love. Still, tweets are fleeting and if you want them to be noticed you’ve really got to get them in front of people who will share them. For that you need a network of connections, preferably with connections of their own!

That makes the $Billion question: “How do I build a following to drive traffic to my…blog, web site, Facebook page, Twitter page, etc, etc, etc.”

Fortunately the answers are the same no matter what network you’re trying to grow.

    1. Create good quality content people care about and want to share.
    2. Create content regularly. Preferably spread across all of the platforms you are present on.
    3. Share others content with links and comments on the value of what they’ve contributed.
    4. Be an information source about your area of expertise that people can turn to with questions. Be the first to share useful industry news.
    5. Share original content (no plagiarizing or regurgitating other people’s posts).
    6. Ask questions and have actual one on one conversations on social networks.
    7. Answer questions. Even if you have to Google it and look it up. Be useful.
    8. All work and no play is booooring. Go ahead, post about bacon. Everybody does it once in a while. Just don’t over do it.
    9. Don’t sell. Everybody knows you’ve probably got an agenda for being here. Don’t push so hard. If I need an insurance agent and I like your posts about Shelby Cobras I’ll let you know.