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7 Ways to Send Photos to Twitter

March 14, 2009

I saw a Tweet from David J. Neff (@daveiam ) with an image he snapped while prepping for a presentation at SXSW and it got me to thinking of all the ways people share images through Twitter. So, here are some good resources should you be wanting to share your photos or videos in your Tweets.

David was using SnapTweet for his post, which allows you to share your most recent Flickr photo with your Tweeple. You can tweet your latest photo by sending a DIRECT MESSAGE to SnapTweet on Twitter with your message. If you send a blank message, SnapTweet will use the photo’s title. SnapTweet can also scan your flickr photos for tagged images and send them automatically for you.
Probably the best known way to send images to Twitter is through Twitpic, and many of the Twitter clients like Twitteriffic, Twhirl, Twittelator and Blogo incorporate it right into their apps. You can post photos through their website or directly from your phone.

TwitterGram also lets you send photos from Flickr. The service scans your Flickr feed every 10 minutes for new images and posts them automatically to Twitter.

MobyPicture offers an iPhone App and allows you to send images to more services than just Twitter. You can send to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook or Flickr, which gives you a lot of options. I have to say the iPhone app is wicked cool and a lot less clunkier than some of the other options from an iPhone. To send to Twitter you send an email to Twittername.Twitterpass@mobypicture.com (substitute your Twitter user name and pass and don’t forget the . in between) and mobypicture sends it to Twitter for you.

VisualTwitter is a no-frills app that lets you send directly from your mobile phone to Twitter. You need to set up account on their site and verify your mobile phone number before you can send an image, but after that it’s seamless and simple. Your photos also appear on the Visual Twitter website and users can comment and vote on them as well.

2Tweet sends email and even videos to Twitter. Send an email with photos and/or videos to twitter@2pad.com and the first 113 characters of your email’s subject will become the text of your tweet. 2pad will append a link to display your photos/videos. When a user clicks the link they’ll seee 2Pad’s photo and video viewer, and it also displays the number of visits to the page and like VisualTwitter, it will allow users to comment or vote on your images as well.

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