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7 Practices of a Mindful Leader #MindfulSocial with @marclesser

I first met Marc Lesser a few years ago, when he was CEO and lead trainer at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. The wisdom he imparted those classes, and through his work is still popping into my mind as I go on my own path and I am honored to have been so lucky.

In his new book, Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen  Marc offers an essential guide for leaders of all types, shapes and sizes. Whether you are leading a corporation, a classroom, a family or a country, there is much to gain by spending quality time with this book.

In our chat this week on MindfulSocial Marc and I talk about the lessons he learned while in the kitchen at the legendary Tassajara Zen Center, about the first practice in the book; Love the work: Start with inspiration, with what is most essential. Acknowledge and cultivate aspiration — your deepest, most heartfelt intentions.

Listening to the replay of the podcast brings home to me the familiar kindness, generosity, curiosity, and sense of humor that we all enjoyed while learning from him. I highly recommend you go get the book and you will see what I mean!

About MarcMarc Lesser is internationally recognized for pioneering work in mindful leadership, creating exceptional business cultures, and supporting profound well-being

Marc helped develop the world-renowned Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program within Google – a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training for leaders which teaches the art of integrating mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and business savvy for creating great corporate cultures and a better world.

He founded and was CEO of 3 companies, the author of 4 books, and has an MBA degree from New York University.

Marc was a resident of the San Francisco Zen Center for 10 years, and director of Tassajara, Zen Mountain Center, the first Zen monastery in the western world. He leads Mill Valley Zen, a weekly meditation group.

Learn more about his work at MarcLesser.net

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