Facebook landrush begins

In case you haven’t heard yet, Facebook is now allowing the creation of “vanity URL’s” on their site. In other words, instead of your link to your Facebook page being Facebook.com/people/youruser/w35235y050 it can now be your user name like so “http://www.facebook.com/jfouts “.

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Since Facebook opened the floodgates just a short while ago over 500,000 people have registered their user names. So go to Facebook and register your name if you think it’s important to retain it for branding purposes or otherwise.

One small thought before you go. Once you set your Facebook user name you can’t change it (for that email address anyway) so take a moment to think about what you want it to be. Many people use Facebook for just their friends and family and don’t relate it to business at all. Do you really want all of your Linkedin and Twitter friends to friend you on Facebook too? If you keep more personal information on Facebook as opposed to your other networks maybe not.  True, if they really want to find you on Facebook they can, but maybe having it be default makes it too easy?

By the way, Facebook page owners will also be able to register their business name. For the moment it’s only for businesses with over 1,000 users for the page, but as of  June 28, 2009 any small business will be able to register their business Facebook page as well. For now you’ll have to make do with filing a notice of Trademark violation if you feel that is the case.

Get full details on Facebooks FAQ for usernames on Facebook pages.
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