6 Ways to Attract Twitter Followers

No it’s not another Twitter pyramid scheme. This is about attracting real, useful followers to your Twitter network.

Be interesting and unique
Share your own perspective on news or new information you find. Do you scan a pile of blogs for information? Share it, but look for things that aren’t mainstream. I mean, I love ReadWriteWeb, Mashable and TechCrunch but everybody tweets those posts. Find something original to share. Use services like LazyFeed, Feedmill or My6Sense to quickly scan blogs for new contnet to share.

Keep an eye out for interesting information to share with your network. Look for the people the rest of your network might not know instead of retweeting the usual suspects. It’s a great way to give kudos to people who are good information sources.

Problem solve
When a question comes up in your network see if you can answer it. Google it if you have to. You’ll learn something and so will they.

Make connections
When you see somebody with a problem or question you can’t answer, look to your network and connect them with somebody who can.

Add to the conversation
Re-tweeting is good, but don’t you have more to say? Can you share some links to other information to keep the conversational ball rolling or take it in a new direction?

Respond when people Re-tweet or @ you
It’s just plain courteous to respond when somebody talks to you. Don’t be rude or we’ll just think you’re stuck up.