Shockvertising… It’s a thing – Janet Fouts

Shockvertising… It’s a thing

shockvertisingThe image above is part of a  Lung Cancer Alliance series of controversial ads to fight the stigma associated with the disease and it uses “Shockvertising” to grab  readers’ attention, likely through a little outrage.

Everybody’s talking about the latest in a series of interactive advertisements that use surprise, shock and often fun to stand out and get their message across. This one is from JetBlue and features an airline attendant having fun with passersby and even giving away some tickets!
Watch it here:

There have been other great examples of this type of advertising.

Coca-Cola’s Small World Machines had the goal of breaking down the barriers by showing people that “What unites us is stronger than what divides us”.

Pepsi got into the game with their #Livefornow campaign with a video camera in a bus shelter that shocked quite a few people.

My question to you is this. Is Shockvertizing effective? What about when it’s used to promote a nonprofit cause or message?

Do you remember the brand or just the gag? Does it matter?

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