Before you start tweeting about the 2016 Olympics, read this!

Dee Dee Trotter 2012 Olympics

Dee Dee Trotter 2012 Olympics via Wikipedia

The Olympics are almost here, and there are specific rules about the use of relevant content on social media platforms. The Olympic rings, brand name, images of participants taken during the games in combination of a company brand, references to an athlete’s performance or participation are strictly controlled between July 27 and August 24, Even the athletes themselves must be extremely careful about what they say in the media and on social media.
Note that SOME athletes can appear in their sponsors’ marketing during the Games if they are granted special dispensation.

Some of the rest of the athletes are already making news with tweets like this one from Britain’s Jade Lally

There is an extensive list of “Olympic listed terms or expressions” that you must be wary of if you are not an official sponsor of the games

SO. Before you ruin your favorite athlete’s experience and possibly their awards when sharing for your brand, please download the PDF of the rule 40 Guidelines and familiarize yourself with them!

According to the IOC, “Olympic-related terms” include the following, depending upon context:

  • 2016
  • Rio/Rio de Janeiro
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Medal
  • Performance
  • Challenge
  • Summer Games
  • Sponsors
  • Victory
  • Olympian
  • Olympic
  • Olympics
  • Olympic
  • Games
  • Olympiad
  • Olympiads

Crazy right? The days of all of the athletes being amateurs is long gone, so this seems a little excessive, though of course we have to understand the value of the brand name too. Bottom line, just think before you share on social so you don’t set yourself up for a lawsuit or mess up an athlete’s career!