20 Essential Twitter Apps You Didn't Know You Needed (until now)

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You know how you find that incredible Twitter app, use it a couple of times and then can’t remember where it was? Me too.

So I pulled this quick list together as much as a bookmark list for my own use as to share some apps you might not have seen yet.

It is not at all comprehensive and I left out all of the desktop, iPhone apps and mash-ups for another post coming soon.

Am I missing an essential Twitter app? Add yours in the comments!

MyTweet16 When you want to step back into Twistory. View the first 16 tweets of any Twitter user.

TweetScan Search messages and profiles on Twitter and set up email alerts so you don’t miss a thing. Download an archive of your Tweets as a CSV for posterity.

Twellow A directory of people on Twitter sorted by business categories.

Tweetag Monitor Twitter from your iGoogle or Netvibes page in a tagcloud of your favorite keywords.

Twitangle Rate and tag your friends so you can filter by rating or tags to find thoseessential Twits.

Twalala Lets you filter streams related to particular keywords or usernames permanently or just until the shouting stops.

Twitterless Takes Qwitter one step further and tells you when people stop following you and graphs your follower history.

Twitree Displays your followers in a tree structure, complete with their latest tweets.

Doesfollow Enter two user names and find out if they are following each other.

FriendorFollow Helps you see who’s following you but you aren’t following back and vice versa.

Tweetworks Allows you to create groups and view threaded discussions.

Tweetparty Create groups and send direct messages straight to your team simultaneously.

Tweetstats Graph usage and trends for your own posts or friends.

Tweetcube Share files up to 10mb via Twitter.

TwitterFeed Feed your most recent blog posts title directly to Twitter with a link to the post.

MrTweet Helps identify those followers you need to follow but haven’t yet and view the influencers in your network.

Twits Like Me Finds people with like interests on Twitter based on your updates.

TwitterFriends Quickly view your network by who’s active, who’s not and basic stats on activity.

LoudTwitter Posts your Tweets to your blog.