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10 of my favorite social media mentors

December 26, 2009

This week after the holidays is generally a little languid business-wise and I like to take some focused time to reflect on how my business has evolved over the last year and where it’s going next year. I do a lot of house-cleaning and organizing which really clarifies for me what my real focus has been and always generates a ton of ideas that either fell by the wayside because of “real work” or random thoughts morph into something really interesting.

This year as I sift through tons of communications I find there are quite a few people who have influenced me and my work in a number of ways and I want to share a few with you. These are not all celebrity social media folk (OK some are, but with good reason). These are people who really have taught me a thing or two about business, community and just plain being a good person. I only list 10, but there are so many more I could add. Read their blogs. Follow them on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean.

Liz Strauss
Liz is a respected speaker, consultant and blogger who uses her blog as a gathering place to talk about business, life and marketing effectively. Her blog looks at business holistically and you’ll be a happier business person for following her and reading the posts from Liz and her frequent guest posters.
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Tommy Landry
Tommy’s Twitter stream is so packed full of useful links that he is one of the people I re-tweet the most. His posts are often links I would not have seen otherwise and he’s turned me on to some very interesting news sources and blogs. He’s also a good community member, sharing and giving as well as promoting his followers when they post useful information.
Twitter Blog

Michael Brito
Michael is one of those social media superstars who never got the ego to go with it. He’s generous and giving (as witnessed by his Silicon Valley Tweetup which donates to non-profits every month) and he wrote a post just like this one on his own blog. It’s clearly the time of year we all reflect on those who have helped us grow!
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Sarah Browne
AKA the Guru of New, Sarah has been my partner in several ventures and she’s a savvy brand builder, marketer and businesswoman. She’s been a great soundboard for concepts, co-conspirator and supporter of a number of non-profit causes. Our history as colleagues goes waaay back to the early SFWOW E-list days in early 1997 or so.
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Aaron Strout
Aaron is another of those generous people I would never have known if it wasn’t for Twitter and as one of my first Twitter friends he really showed us all the way to represent  as a human being through social media. He also wrote the foreword for my book, Social Media Success! for which I am endlessly grateful.
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Alyce Lindquist
Alyce and I met on Twitter, then connected again through the Social Media Club where she is now president of the Silicon Valley and San Francisco chapters. Alyce is a very smart cookie and somebody who should be on your radar.

BJ Wishinsky
BJ is the online community program manager for the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology. Without her I wouldn’t have found this amazing org for technical women and gotten involved as an advisory board member. BJ is a font of knowledge for women in tech as well as online community and she’s built the Anita Borg community into a vital resource for women interested in tech.
Twitter Web site

Michael Martine
Michael helped me work through a huge WordPress project a few years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. He’s a no bullshit kinda guy, and I collect tons of links to information and tools from his tweets and loads of blogging advice from his Twitter stream and his coaching blog. Subscribe to his newsletter and you’ll not regret it.
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Louis Gray
If I was going to pick one social media superstar to follow it would be Louis and I’d follow him on FriendFeed and his blog. Louis finds new apps and toys faster than anybody I know and his reviews are always thought provoking. You’ll spend loads of time discovering new toys though, so be warned! His blog subtitle speaks volumes to a geeky early adopter and Mac addict like meself. “Silicon Valley Blog for early adopters, technology geeks, RSS addicts and Mac freaks.” If you want the low-down on what’s new, follow Louis.
FriendFeed Blog

Bill Johnston
Bill has such passion for online community it just plain warms my heart. He’s the chief community officer for Forum One Communications and his chops in community go back as far as mine do (that means old-skool people). His work with the Online Community Report and the Online Community Roundtable is absolutely wonderful. If you truly want to understand what makes community tick, listen to Bill and read these reports.
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  1. I'm fairly new so these recommendations are great! Thank you

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