1 Million in 1 Month for Haiti

1 million in 1 month for HaitiI know there are a zillion people telling you where to donate your money to help in Haiti right now. There are some scams to be sure, but there are also a lot of organizations on the ground in Haiti now doing good work and they need our help.

We’ve all been moved by the outpouring of support and I was particularly moved by what my friend and client Cat Cora is doing to help. Cat is the founder of Chefs for Humanity, a humanitarian aid organization she founded as a reaction to the tsunami in 2004. Now, reacting to another disaster Cat is donating $10,000 of her own personal funds and asking you to help in any way you can.

100% 0f donations will go directly to Chefs for Humanity’s partner organization- United Nations World Food Programme, which is the United Nations frontline agency in the fight against hunger. Not one cent will be taken from your donation to pay for the cost of this fundraiser, Chefs For Humanity and Cat Cora will take care of all the administrative costs.

Wanna learn more? Download the press release on this initiative and go to Cat’s blog and read about events to raise funds like this one at Scott’s Seafood in Costa Mesa? Contact Chefs for Humanity with ideas on a fundraiser in your own restaurant, or just go ahead and make a tax-deductible donation directly to Chefs for Humanity!

Can’t donate?

Help us by Tweeting this link to spread the word. Help @CatCora and Chefs for Humanity raise $1 Million in 1 Month For Haiti! http://bit.ly/7VdxYG.

Share it with your networks.

Make a YouTube video and tell people why and how they can help. Whatever you can do to spread the word will help.